Actia Telematics Services surrounds itself with intermediaries that provide added value.

Actia Telematics Services joins forces with technological operators, consultants and commercial partners to meet the growing needs of the professional mobility market.


Integrators - Resellers

Equipment manufacturers

Consultants and developers 

In line with this philosophy, Actia Telematics Services is constantly on the lookout for integrator partners for our professional mobility solutions in order to market these solutions among our end customers.

For our integrator partners, we have devised the ‘Partner Program’. This has been developed to meet the needs of our partners and enable them to start selling and installing geolocation applications quickly.

Actia Telematics Services offers innovative solutions in conditions adapted to their strategy as integrators.

Good reasons to become a ATS solutions integrator


The success of our solutions in based on the technological quality that we provide day by day. But also on the close partnerships that we forge with integrators, suppliers and consultants.

We share common goals - and our successes. To continue to grow across regions or sectors where we are not present yet, we are seeking new partnerships.


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Our solutions are open to third-party software solutions and specific business-line applications. These connections can be used to simplify the management of certain tasks and streamline the application of internal company processes. These integrations enhance both your applications and ours.

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