Analyze and describe drivers’ habits: towards eco-friendly, economical, risk-free driving

The data are fed back from the vehicle to the application, which reflects the driver’s driving behavior, or ‘DNA’. In addition to reducing the vehicle overheads, analyzing driving behavior helps to reduce accident risks and promotes a green image for your business by looking directly at CO2 emissions.




Optimizing driving behavior: what are the benefits?

Rationalize costs and reduce the environmental impact

  • Cut fuel consumption
  • Reduce tire set wear
  • Minimize maintenance and repairs
  • Optimize insurance premiums
  • Lower CO2 emissions

Save lives and cut costs 

  • Lessen the accident risks
  • Give drivers a sense of responsibility
  • Profile drivers on the basis of objective data and measurements

Give your business a friendly image

  • Reduce the CO2 footprint
  • Develop a relationship of trust with other users and customers


How it works

The box fitted to the vehicle sends back data on maneuvers and driving behavior. The data are interpreted in the form of an Eco Score and a Safety Score.
Data analyzed:

  • maneuvers: accelerating, cornering, accelerating while cornering, braking, braking while cornering
  • behavior: coming off the road, speeding, accident, in the wrong gear, engine running when stationary

Driving behavior, who wants to know?

  • Fleet manager, HR manager
  • Insurance company
  • Leasing company
  • Aware, responsible users

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