Through an indirect sales model and with the ambition of achieving growth, we help our integration partners to reach the objectives we define together by proposing them to contribute to the product definition and by supplying them a sales and operational support.

We also make available the necessary tools to enable more efficient and autonomous management of the client solution.

Several dozen integrators and service providers place their trust in us

Actia Telematics Services benefits from a wide network of integrators and service providers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Several of them have been working with us since 2001 in a win-win growth philosophy. Actia Telematics Services’s success depends directly on the success and motivation of its integrator partners. We implement processes aimed at long-term relationships and common results.

Sell high-value solutions, generate income thanks to recurrent licenses

The world is eager for new, connected solutions. Everyone is concerned about mobility now. Demand in the field of the Internet of Things and telematics solutions is growing steadily. Become an integrator of our solutions and you will very quickly be a leader on your market thanks to the high standard of the services offered, without having to internalize the software development.

  • Can you bring us your added value? Do you know your market? Are you a network manager?
  • Do you have experience as an installer or technical skill with networks?
  • Do you have experience of geolocation and would you like to expand your service range?
  • Are you planning to migrate your vehicles to a different platform?


We offer you a choice for the future: a new source of income based on high-value services… All in a win-win relationship.


Actia Telematics Services is an Original Design Manufacturer and personalizes its applications to suit you

Our web and mobile applications are available as white label products. On the basis of your commercial strategy and your position, we adapt the graphic charter of the applications so that your customers sense your environment as they browse and through their user experience. The applications will be marketed by you, under your own label, without mentioning our name or the original of the software publisher.

Otherwise, you can distribute solutions of proven renown using the attributed trade names and benefit from the commercial power and reputation of the publisher.

In both cases, the white label or publisher’s label applications are functionally identical and are updated monthly to anticipate the needs of the market. The service level we deploy for our network of integrator partners remains unchanged, regardless of the branding strategy chosen.




The advantages of Actia Telematics Services

The advantages of our solutions for integrators

  1. Frequent updates ensuring the competitiveness of the solutions on the market

  2. Hosting on our servers or outsourced

  3. White labeling

  4. Solutions compatible with several dozen boxes, with many business-line applications

  5. Specific integrator access enabling the management of your customers who belong to you

  6. Solutions surveillance 24/7/365 and professional helpdesk, IT infrastructure and cutting-edge monitoring process

  7. Proactive support from the A.T.S. team: Account Manager, Customer Care Manager, Project Manager

  8. Sales assistance, partner program strategy and ongoing training

  9. Provision of marketing support and communication tools

  10. ISO9001 certification demonstrating our desire to aim for excellence and constant improvement

Become the telematics solution expert on your market